Joining CJP Team

Casperjoe Production, being an independent company fully registered under the Corporate and Company law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has the following as terms and conditions for its team and intending members.
They are to be strictly observed as defaulting will not be tolerated:


  • The chief strategy of this company is teamwork. To that effect, everyone is expected to work as a team to ensure the success of all our operations. There is no room for laxity of any kind
  • Membership in this company is only open to adults from 18 years
  • All members are expected to belong to any of the four departments that exist in this company and to also be proactive in its operations. 
  • Referring back to the term in number three, you are expected to submit a programme in accordance with what your department do, at least once in every two weeks. 
  • Absenteeism from any meeting will not be tolerated, except with due notification to appropriate departmental authorities.
  • Every member is expected to be sold out to the success of this company, in terms of commitment in all areas. This means financially, liking our social media pages and getting your friends to do so, and otherwise.
  • All intending members must fill and submit the online membership application form and await due notification before joining the team. 
  • In the case of any event, all members are to be actively involved in publicizing the event, especially on social media and also be on the event venue.
  • All departmental authorities answer to the CEO, and he/she is to be held responsible for any laxity in his/her department. 
  • All members are expected to be ready to represent the company anywhere and anytime. You are to live everyday as ambassadors of CJP company.  
  • You are also expected to have a functional E-mail address and to check it regularly. This is because the company will have need for it as we progress.  
  • The need for visibility on the social media cannot be underestimated; therefore, all members are expected to be visible on strategic social media, and to always flaunt the company's services.    
  • The company holds her meetings once; on the third Sunday of every month.
  •  Outright skipping of meetings without notification and lateness to meetings attract a fine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Best of luck as you comply...

20, Jogunusimi, Ikeja
Lagos State.
62 Asa Road Aba, Abia State.


Phone: +2347050409050


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